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Welcome to Hastings Central School

At Hastings Central we have flexible learning environments (FLE's) throughout the school, with all learners enjoying a team of teachers who work collaboratively to ensure learning is targeted, flexible and responsive to the needs and interests of the learner.

Our curriculum is built on our learners employing our school values, which essentially are key foundational skills, through meaningful inquiry and problem solving. We are also developing a comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) programme to help promote engagement and to make learning more meaningful.

Hastings Central School cherishes each child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, as well as their desire to co-operate with others through work and during play. Learning is structured to capture the learners’ inquisitiveness, to use their interests as starting points to lead them to the wonders of exploration and discovery. By fostering self-motivation in this way, learners become inventive and independent thinkers who are confident in their ability to learn and to master challenges.

We strive to provide our Hastings Central Kids with real life experiences that expand their knowledge through the use of the school values in their learning.

At Hastings Central School, we use the big idea to explore multiple subject areas (trans-disciplinary) using an inquiry lens (whereby learners pose questions; identifying and analysing a problem), computational thinking, and project based learning to meaningfully explore and develop understandings, as well as solutions, in authentic learning contexts.

We do not have any zone and welcome all enrolments. If you would like to find out more we welcome visits and enquiries.

Our School Values

Our School values give us a powerful sense of belonging. They strengthen our self belief and our relationships with others. The values lay foundation of success and growth for all here at HCS. They recognise the unique heart of our school and show our understanding that achievement is driven from a holistic view. They encompass what we VALUE, MODEL and EXPECT at HCS.

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